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Hello to the artist in you! Brush strokes and shimmers have always got you curious? You always felt a tinge of happiness the minute you would spot new makeup and cosmetic boxes around? You always believed in making beauty even more beautiful? At LIMAH, we train you to do just that.

LIMAH is a consortium of professional make-up and hair trainers from India and abroad, imparting high-end make-up and hair styling training to both amateurs and professionals. Powered by one of Delhi’s high-end event solution companies, LIMAH is a Training initiative forwarded to make-up and styling enthusiasts around the country.

LIMAH uses products of MAC, MAKE UP STUDIO, PAC, KRYOLAN to train its students. The courses offered by the school span the length and breadth of make-up and hair training and interfuse theory with rigorous practice.

Our Courses

Pro Bridal Make-up Artistry Certificate Programme (With Air-Brush)
(Duration- 7 Days)


​This 7 days’ Bridal Make-up artistry training is both a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practices. ​With this short course, you will be able to master the fundamentals of bridal make up and be set to prep a bride for her special day.

You shall call it a wrap with a strategic photoshoot and demonstration to set you for the future. Click Here for more details.

Pro Make-up Artistry Certificate Programme (With Air-Brush)
(Duration- 36 Days)


This course is meant for taking you through the world of make-up theoretically and through practice. It starts by introducing you to the artistry behind make-up and then gradually unfolding to you the tricks and tools of tranforming an ordinary face to extra-ordinary. From funky, spunky looks to bold and courageous facial make-overs, the Pro Make-up Artistry Certificate Programme is custom-made for ones who are looking for an outstanding career in the field of Beauty and Fashion.

You can also pep this course further up with an Advanced Hair Styling training program too. Click Here for more details.

Pro Make-up + Hair Artistry Certificate Programme (With Air-Brush)
(Duration- 15 Days : 10 Days Make up; 5 Days Hair)


Split into a 10 days' Make-up artistry training and 5 days' hair-styling sessions, this short and brief course of 15 days’ is an amazing fit for ones looking to power boost their make-up career. This training programme handhelds the participant through crisp make-up and hair styling sessions and help them learnt he latest practices of the industry. The participant also learns and revises about the fundamentals behind make-up, and additionally, gets an edge to hair styling.

Click Here for more details.

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