Pro Make-up + Hair Artistry Certificate Programme (With Air-Brush)

Pro Make-up + Hair Artistry Certificate Programme (With Air-Brush)

Duration- 50 days (36 days Make-up + 14 days' Hair Styling course)​
Fee- INR 65,000

If you are looking for a course that not only helps you master the make-up skills but also gives you an overall advantage of learning complete beauty solutions, this is the one for you! This is a 36 days’ Make-up + 14 days of Hair Artistry course. You learn the advanced make up skills and advanced hair styling while being a part of this Certificate Programme.

The course includes:

Make up skills:

  • Skin Types
  • Skin basics
  • Information about different products used
  • Color scheming
  • Foundation and first base make-up
  • Eye make-up
  • Eyebrows
  • Shading, shadow and light techniques
  • Corrections
  • Makeup- from natural to most sophisticated look
  • Ethnic Makeup
  • Notions of light
  • Make up for editorials, TV, fashion shows, magazines and photo shoot campaigns

Hair styling skills:

  • Preparation of hair
  • Braids
  • Messy bun
  • Curls
  • Waver
  • Straightening
  • Buns (French , Chignon with crest puff)
  • High bun
  • Loop bun

Things you need to know:

  • This is a Certificate Programme
  • Course is conducted 6 days a week- Sunday being off
  • Participants are given professional make-up kits by LIMAH to practice but they are essentially school’s property and is to be returned on the completion of the course
  • Participants will be supplied all reading materials by LIMAH.
  • Participants will be given one opportunity in a mega-event to assist as a make-up artist
  • The course relies heavily on practical training and participants will be practicing on each other and oftentimes, on models summoned by the school
  • The course will be dotted with workshops and guest lectures from industry experts