Why Limah?

Courses That Are
Tailor-Made For Your

At LIMAH, the courses we offer are carefully designed to help you kick-start a career in the field of beauty and makeup. Each course is neatly crafted to make you learn the fundamentals as well as the advanced aspects of the Beauty industry. From handholding you through Editorials, TV, Party, Events, Catwalk and Bridal make-ups to helping you with appropriate internship/ work-ex, LIMAH endeavors to be a perfect Launchpad to your make-up and hair styling career.

Small Classroom For
Individual Attention

We believe in one-to-one interaction and therefore, we ensure the number of students within a classroom is not more than 10/ 15 at a go. It is important that you are mentored and taught with utmost attention and care. The LIMAH classroom is made of passionate students who are all artists in their heart and immensely ambitious. Industry experts, trainers and faculty regularly mentor you to ensure you get the highest exposure and maximum gains from the time and money you spend.

Our Teachers Are
Accomplished Professionals

There’s a difference between a good teacher and a great one. Students by heart but practitioners by profession, our faculty pool comprises of expert make-up artists who have been Beauty consultants for various celebrities and events all across the country. Their network and industry connect are compelling testimonies to the kind of teaching that happens in the LIMAH classroom and studio.

Guest Lectures
And Workshops

The 36 days’ course is interspersed with guest lecturers who are popular and renowned practitioners in the world of Beauty and Make-up. You will be surprised to know how few schools offer truly established, working artists in the classroom. Additionally, at LIMAH, these practitioners often take one/ two days’ workshops to facilitate learning and give you exponential growth in understanding make-up and hair artistry.

Hands-On Learning And
Event Exposure

At LIMAH, we try our best to give our students the opportunity to learn from real events and shows. We emphasize on practical learning and give them one sure-shot opportunity to be a make-up artist or a professional’s assistant in some mega fashion/ styling event. The objective is to help the students apply their learning in a practical set-up.

World Renowned Products
For You

What’s a make-up artist who doesn’t know his/her products well? To excel with skin and hair, you need to know what you are using and why! If you don’t understand the products you are using, their scientific elements and their strengths and weaknesses, you will always stay limited. At LIMAH, we offer you make-up kits of international range and brand, discuss, analyse, brainstorm and take you through the nitty-gritties of ranges of products that exist in the market.

Your Portfolio’s Photoshoot
Is Our Worry

The most important thing once you learn your make-up well and the arts behind it, is to prepare your portfolio to present to your potential clients. We give our students the chance to explore their creativity through an organized photo-shoot like no others. The photographer for the shoot is a cost bore by LIMAH. However, students need to pay for the photographs themselves.

Contacts Are Everything
In The World Of Makeup

Your faculty and mentors being well networked and strongly connected to the make-up industry, will help you connect with more professionals and clients. While other schools claim it, we actually believe and practice it. LIMAH keeps no stone unturned to ensure you get to be a part of an event or a show or an editorial or a make-up consortium to practice what you learnt in the classroom.

We Value Your

LIMAH’s Comprehensive Make up course, personal course, workshops and various programs are designed keeping your Return on Investment (RoI) in mind. We ensure that you go through a rigorous training program with utmost exposure and practices while you spend your bucks on us. By the time you graduate as a make-up or hair artist from LIMAH, you find yourself absolutely confident and ready to make things even more beautiful.

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